ATC Original Stroker Full Sound System

Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, cerwin vega has a history of more than 60 years and is a brand that is used as a speaker for artists and DJ sound systems all over the world. That cerwin vega advocates the sound system setup to Harley that has been advocated in the US as cerwin vega mobile. The “Attract Customs Stroker Sound System” was the first to hear the information.

6.Six to eight 6.5inch speakers are used (the speakers are waterproof). The balance between sound quality and volume is excellent. And, the rear saddleback was specially designed for this sound system as a speaker box. Such a low tone does not come out with a 6.5-inch speaker. The power amplifier also uses cerwin vega mobile's latest compact digital amplifier, and plays a sound with power while minimizing power consumption.
【Setup & Tuning】
Attract Customs is completely original to how to mount and wire the speakers. By incorporating the equalizer of cerwin vega mobile into the sound system, sound tuning is also possible. The attract customs straw car sound system is completed not only by installation (setup) but also by adjustment (tuning). Of course we do delivery after sound tuning.