Your Harley all right?

I guess many people find it quite difficult to hear when tuning. Also, I think most people will hear a high-performance image, but I would like to replace Harley with a guitar and explain it briefly.

Before playing the guitar, adjust the GEN to a certain reference value with the tuner. And I can play for the first time. The same is true for Harley! If you change the intake and exhaust (air cleaners and mufflers), it is not noticed that the intake and exhaust have been changed and the intake air volume has changed, so the intake air volume must be properly adjusted. Hmm.

In ATTRACT CUSTOMZ, the tuner (operator) performs tuning using Dynojet. Dynojet doesn't do the tuning for you. I will make a map by making situation at the time of every running with Dynojet. In other words, the arms of the tuner become quite important! If you change the intake and exhaust (air cleaner and muffler) of the injection vehicle's Harley and run it without tuning, the temperature of the engine will rise considerably, the afterfire (backfire) will make noise, knocking, etc. It will cause trouble.

If you compare the afterfire with the human body easily, you catch a cold and a cough (afterfire) comes out. What happens if you keep running with a cough and run forcibly? If you keep running with a cold and upset body (high fever), your body temperature will rise more. And there are things that can lead to pneumonia, and even death in the worst case.The same is true for Harley! Is your Harley okay?

EFI Tuning Example

* A / F:The ratio of oxygen to fuel in the mixture, how many grams of oxygen is per gram of fuel? It is said. For example, in the case of 14.68 theoretical air fuel consumption (displayed here as 14.6), the ratio of oxygen is 14.6 g to 1 g of fuel. The larger the number, the thinner the mixture, and the smaller the number, the thicker the mixture.

96ci Outside Air Cleaner + D&D 2IN1 Muffler

  • Before

    MAX POWER:72.59ps

    MAX TORQUE:11.69kg-m

    This graph shows the ROLL ON test without mapping after setting the target A / F of base MAP to 13.0 after replacing air cleaner with stock 96ci and replacing it with 2IN1 muffler. If you think from the full normal condition, both power and torque are rising, but the problem is the graph of A / F below. Although the target A / F is set to 13.0, the actual A / F of the vehicle is shifted to the thinner side. This is because the intake and exhaust have been replaced, so the efficiency of the intake and exhaust increases and the A / F becomes thinner because more air is actually contained than the intake air amount that the ECM (computer) remembers. . At around 4,000 rpm, the theoretical air fuel efficiency exceeds 14.6, and it further exceeds 15.0. This is a pretty dangerous situation. A decrease in air fuel consumption leads to a decrease in combustion speed, and in the worst case, this leads to overheating because the cylinder receives more heat during combustion.

  • After

    MAX POWER:78.21ps

    MAX TORQUE:12.32kg-m

    This graph is the graph after tuning of 96ci. Both power and torque are higher than before tuning. At the same time, looking at the A / F graph below, it is almost in line with 13.0 of the target. This means that the amount of intake air (filling efficiency) shifted due to replacement of intake and exhaust has been matched by matching the amount of intake air that has actually entered the engine with the amount of intake air programmed in the ECM. I mean. Also, looking at the torque graph, the MAX torque is an increase of just over 0.6 kg-m, but the torque around 3,000 rpm to 4,500 rpm is corrected by correcting the portion that was thinly shaken in the A / F graph earlier. You can see that it has risen to the extreme. This rotation range is the most commonly used rotation range for both city riding and high-speed driving, so it is also the rotation range that is most relevant to the taste of the bike.

96ci T MAN Torque Cam

  • Stock Cam

    MAX POWER:73.25ps

    MAX TORQUE:11.94kg-m

    This graph is a graph only after installing the base MAP after replacing the intake and exhaust of the 96ci stock engine.

  • T MAN TQ Cam

    MAX POWER:95.88ps

    MAX TORQUE:13.16kg-m

    This graph is a graph tuned by the combination of TMAN torque cam, outside air cleaner, and Bassani 2 IN1 muffler to 96ci. Both power and torque are greatly improved. With regard to power, it is up 20 horsepower or more, and of course it is up with respect to torque, but the torque characteristics are extremely changed. Holds 12 kg-m from 2,500 rpm to less than 6,000 rpm. It has turned into a vehicle that is quite easy to ride.

ATC107ci Kit VS CVO110ci + TMAN TQ Cam

  • ATC107ci KIT

    MAX POWER:105.87ps

    MAX TORQUE:15.41kg-m

    Specifications: SE Heavy Breather Bassani 2 IN 1 Muffler

  • CVO100ci+TMAN

    MAX POWER:104.11ps

    MAX TORQUE:15.02kg-m

    Specifications: SE Heavy Breather D & D 2 IN 1 Fat Cat

Here is a graph comparing the tuned engine of the engine that changed the stock 96ci to the ATTRACT CUSTOMZ original 107ci KIT and the CVO 110ci and the TMAN torque cam. In the above graph, although 107 ci's army is on the rise, you can see that it is an engine with almost the same specifications because there are some errors depending on the vehicle. The ride is almost the same. ATC107ci Kit is characterized by relatively low cost and performance similar to CVO because it bores up using existing cylinder and head without replacing stock engine of 88ci-103ci.
※ In the case of 88ci, it is necessary to change to 4 3/8 ”of the crank. And, depending on the year model, it may be necessary to replace the head.

Basic Charge

EFI Tuning
¥85,000- +TAX
Check before tuning
¥15,000- +TAX
Flash tuner key
¥49,500- +TAX

(amount of tuning module)

  • ・EFI tuning is all reserved.
  • ・Conservation days will be 3 days including work day and delivery day.
  • ・Please make sure that you fill the tank with high-octane gasoline before goods receipt.
  • ・All failures found during the pre-inspection will be at the customer's expense.
  • ・All troubles and problems that occur during tuning on Dynojet will be borne by the customer. In addition, even if tuning is interrupted due to a vehicle problem, charges for the actual work will occur.

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