West coast black culture “HOGG”

HOGG is a black culture of the American West Coast. In fact, Black bikers have a longer history than the Lowrider culture. From the beginning of 2000, vehicles equipped with front and rear billet wheels, custom paint, sound system, high performance engine, etc. based on touring models mainly appear well in West Coast Ghetto area and areas where it is difficult to step into became. That is the beginning of HOGG.


It is HOGG to express the owner self-confidence with a motorcycle. HOGG is "BIG BOYS TOYS", that is, "sex toys". Because it is an adult serious toy, we decide the concept firmly and make it. "Run well" and "Stop well" are important points, and there are many people who make custom bikes that project the owner's history, hobbies, life and so on.

HOGG is a culture of the American West Coast. We plan on your own HOGG after we firmly absorb what kind of culture and lifestyle, custom style, riding and fashion they are.

Would you like to produce your own "one HOGG in the world"?