Original Custom Paint

The custom paint proposed by ATTRACT CUSTOMZ will be able to provide the customer's original "one HOGG in the world" with a paint idea based on the unique experience. Think of your bike as a campus, and how do you express your originals there? What kind of thought do you make a bike? First of all, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Paint Fee

Checkered flag

One Star Hogg

A pure white body with racing lines, Race bike finished with a checkered flag. * Engine, other parts, and powder coat will be charged separately.

Reference price:¥900,000-


Finished with candy red, silver leaf and checkered flag on a flake base.

Reference price:¥1,200,000-

Asphalt Paint Style

Bounty Hunter Hogg

All paint with orange asphalt base and black asphalt paint.

Reference price:¥900,000-

Bounty Hunter Hogg

All paint with silver asphalt paint on candy blue base.

Reference price:¥900,000-

All Paint Style

Beach Side Bike

Based on metal flakes, it is an authentic LA style that has a presence in solid yellow and red and drops with a checkered flag.

Reference price:¥1,200,000-

Bubblicious Hogg

An all-paint that expresses the entire car body using American sweets as a motif.

Reference price:¥1,100,000-

Half Paint Style

Attract Halfpaint

Taking advantage of the color and lines of the stock, it was finished with a special pattern and candy red.

Reference price:¥450,000-

Asphalt half paint


Half paint with lines added using the stock color and finished with asphalt paint.

Reference price:¥450,000-
  • ※ engine, other parts, powder coat will be charged separately.
  • ※ It becomes an additional charge by tour pack, lower fairing, and other parts.


A custom paint helmet based on the Simpson M30 helmet, the "ATTRACT CUSTOMZ" original design. The unique and high-impact design was expressed in custom paint. The concept began with two things: "racing" and "bad." Custom paint is an image of an uneven road surface, and it has been repeated many times by trial and error, and the ATTRACT CUSTOMZ original method, "asphalt paint". The design of the helmet jaw part took a line with the image of a "crows mask" reminiscent of defects. The helmets named "CROWz" just like crows are flying around the country.

CROWzHELMETs Product Price



Black x silver line or gold line. Choose with or without asphalt paint. * No matte helmet.

Reference price:¥60,000-



Check the vehicle parts, etc., and the color can be changed for normal solid, metallic, and pearl. Choose with or without asphalt paint. * No matte helmet.

Reference price:¥70,000-



Check the vehicle parts, and if there are more than 3 colors, flakes, candy, special pearls, etc., we will quote separately. Choose with or without asphalt paint. * No matte helmet.

Reference price:¥75,000-
  • ※ Asphalt paint 【Available】 【Not available】
  • ※ No matt helmet available.
  • ※ It will be the final estimate after sending the helmet to us.